High Mountain Ranch

It is quite rare for me to feature a commercial Internet site. But this site has a very personal story associated with it. I believe in supporting those businesses that have integrity and that operate on strong principles. Especially when folks go the extra mile. I’ll explain…

During the holidays over a decade ago, I somehow managed to get stuck out on the road. Unable to accomplish any Christmas Shopping until Christmas Eve, I arrived home in Spokane only to be greeted by a very snowy, last shopping day before” the big day”. I managed to find appropriate presents for everyone, except for my partner at the time.

Racing through store after store, no one seemed to have the right gift for him. As the hours ticked by, I began to panic...

I finally found myself standing at 5:45pm outside a small independently run western apparel store. The hand-printed sign on the door noted that on Christmas Eve the store would close at 6pm in order for the employees to be home with their families. Hurrying inside, I explained my situation to the exhausted owner of the store and her equally drained sales associates. Although I didn’t come right out and say the gifts were for my same sex significant other, it was obvious the nature of the crisis.

That was my introduction to Vikki Hoskins the proprietor of HAV Western Wear. I still don’t know where they got their second wind from, but everyone in the store made it their sole mission to help me find the perfect gift. As the snow blew and swirled outside, in the warmth of her store Vikki made me feel very special. I have rarely been treated with so much respect. Staying late, everyone at HAV worked diligently to find wonderful gifts for him. Cheerfully wrapping his presents for me, I couldn’t help but think I’d made new friendships.

Months later, upon returning to her store to purchase new cowboy boots Vikki not only remembered my name but also my partner’s name. Since that first hectic snowy Christmas Eve, Vikki and her employees have been incredibly supportive. Whether its finding appropriate shirts for the cowboys that ride under the HMR brand on the IGRA circuit, the second largest rodeo circuit in North America or just stopping in to catch up, I’ve become a loyal HAV Western Wear Customer. And most importantly everyone I’ve sent her way has received the same treatment.